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Sports News as a Digital Lifestyle


The Daily Sports is a fully digital sports news source. Yet we have a big, dedicated team of professional sports writers, who attend the biggest live sports events in US and around the world.

Their unique reporting as well as our office-based analytics for sports breaking news make “The Daily Sports” an ultimate destination of all!

That is a viewpoint we’re following since our founding day, on July 4th, 2001 and that we proudly carry on.

Our Team
Roger Djokovic
Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Sports.

A professional tennis player, Roger once was perceived as a potential first racket in the world. Winning many competitions in his U17 category, he was stopped by an unfortunate injury, on the road to his sports glory. From that day on he pursues an aim to be the best sports writer and analytic ever in existence.

Lebron Jordan
News Editor

A journalist both by education (Berkeley) and passion, Lebron has been writing about most spectacular and most boring NBA and March Madness basketball games for 25 years. He remembers Michael Jordan very well. Because he took an interview with him, many times!

Cristiano Inzaghi
News Editor

A european in our Northern American team of sport junkies, Cristiano and his Portuguese-Italian roots give him a true taste for soccer! Besides that he covers many Olympic sports as well as rugby and motorsports…