ΟPAP Basket League: AEK thrashed Apollon (84-64)

AEK Larnacas

The game between the top seated AEK Larnakas and the full of problems Apollon Limassol was just another typical game for the Limassol team which has no objective and not even a target since the aim was to simply “survive”. The team is facing serious “issues”..

So, in the game and in the court, there was only one team , as AEK Larnakas had nothing to do (or compared) with Apollon Limassol. Their difference in quality and quantity is humongous and AEK had a relaxed afternoon, preparing for the games to come..

The 20 points difference (of the final score) could have been easily 30 or even 40 but AEK’s players reduce their speed so as to keep up some energy initially and as in the roster there was also the newcomer Barry Terrell Steward who made his debut in the Cyprus league, the coaching team didn’t want to take it hard from his early start.

Stewart let the AEK’s people happy as he was also the MVP of the game ending his debut in Cyprus with 18 points in less than18 minutes, with 4 steals, 1 assist and 1 rebound..

It is worth mentioned that Greek Head Coach Fotis Takianos use only six of his “just eight” players in the specific game, with the four of them playing more than 38.30′ minutes, the fifth one played 27.30 while the sixth player played 19.48. Top scorer on behalf of Apollon Limasol was Cameron Naylor with 20 points in 38.41′

The Periods: 28-14, 18-14, 21-19, 17-17

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