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AEK played enough to win AS Kymis (96-92)

A very tired team, played against a “fresh” team and the result was very interesting as AEK was nearly to lose the game against AS Kymis since Horton, Suggs and Lewis were too close to succeed a unique road victory but, Hunter and his team-mates “save the game” at the end.

Too many injuries (Jordan Theodore was among them) for AEK together with the physical condition after the continuous games in Europe and Greece, the players of Banchi seems to be exhausted.

Never the less the return in the game after a -12 was amazing, as AEK players were behind with a 24=36 in the first period but they succeed an amazing 22-0!!! with Maciulis and Sant Roos being awesome. AS Kymis return back but the four points needed were too much for the team against AEK that had more choices and depth on the bench.

AS Kymis came back up to 4 points but that was it. AEK had six players on double digits and another two on 9 points!!!

PERIODS: 17-24, 48-37, 69-61, 96-92 

ΑΕΚ (Banchi): Yiannopoulos 11, Hunter 16, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, Griffin 12 and 5 assists, Sant Roos 9, Moraitis 5, Sakota 10, Larentzakis 9, Maciulis 14, 4 rebounds, 7 assists, James 10

AS Kymis (Koutsos): Horton 18, 15 rebounds, 3 assist and 2 block shots, Washington 6, Lewis 26, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 steals, Williams 5, Kariniauskas 14, Poulianitis 4, Maragos 1, Suggs 18

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