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AEL: The players are unpaid!!

The official AEL announced that in the last game against Petrolina AEK presented to the court with only six players due to injuries but the reality is totally different!!

The Cyprus international players Pittakas, Palalas and the young Pasialis remain in Limasol and their homes not due to injury but due to financial discrepancies from their team..In fact the players are thinking of going to strike as they can’t do anything else to secure their salaries..

The fans union uploaded a statement which more or less states the following:

After 3 tears in the second division, the team management decided to play in the first division again as last summer, about 25 Limasol based entrepreneurs decided to help the team, presenting an actual five years plan with targets, organisational charts and other great but theoritical staff. six months after, the team is once more getting in a negative mode as the players are seriously thinking of striking as they are unpaid the last many months!! All these plans and presentations and theory in on thei air once more!!

The team a decade ago was the best team in Cyprus and a great name in the European courts, with a court whioch was packed in every single game, 30 concecutive European vicotries in the home court, 4.000 fans in every game, and especially in the finals against team such as AEK Larnakas, APOEL and Keravnos Strovolou, and was well known in FIBA as in 2008 the F4 and all star games took place in Cyprus especally due to the team of Limassol

Al these are long passed history as now the situation is totally different, the old debts are huge and the current debts unpaid.. Our patient is over!! We are calling the member sof th team (the 25 entrepreneurs to pay the debts of the tema and also pay the players to proceed in plying inthe games to come..

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