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APOEL beats ETHA 74-63

One of the best games of Deonta Vaughn took place earlier this afternoon helping his team APOEL to beat ETHA is he supposed to be derby. The American player ended the game with 25 points and 9/15 shots, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal six fouls for and just one turnover in 36.38’’ he was in action and in the court!!

The game was a derby at the first period when the two teams were scoring basket to basket with the first period closing at a niche deficit for the home team with just one point and 16-15.

In the second period APOEL entered more aggressive and with the American duet Justin Jackson and Deonta Vaughn in a good day, 28 seconds before the end of the first half APOEL touched the double digit deficit but Jackson missed the free throw and Petros Papamichael three pointer cut the deficit at the end to 31-25, with ETHA being able to score just 8 points before the last 3pointer mentioned in these 10 minutes!!

The third period was even better for the home team as ETHA show practically that can’t follow the rhythm of the visitors, ETHA had in a bad day both Fleming and Jawara while Papamichael was very good but only him and Thomas were really some kind of thread for APOEL.  Never the less, APOEL took a double digit lead and closed the period with 21-15 with the difference reaching the 16 points at a point. The score of the 3rd period was 52-40 and somewhere there everything were finished..

ETHA obviously couldn’t follow and APOEL kept the paste in the fourth simply to gain an easy win.. ETHA tried but obviously the fact that the roster of the team consist of young rookies, is not letting Hadi Elhajj the Head Coach of the team to experiment a lot.. A very happy surprise from Papamichael who ended the game with 14 points and 3/6 three pointers, while the 5 rebounds of Christos Pyrillis is also something to be “discussed”

APOEL had also a surprise as the young and talented Kypros Seppos ended the game with 9 points and 1 steal in 20.22’’ with the newcomer Head Coach Kostas Englezos giving some really important time to the young Cypriot, something that Coach Constantinides never did in the past!!

The scorers:

APOEL: Giannaras 2, Vaughn 25, Jackson 15 and 11 rebounds, Hill 10 and 9 assists, Ashley 8 and 9 rebounds, Loizidis 2, Koilaras 3, Seppos 9.

ETHA: Pyrillis 3, Thomas 16 and 8 rebounds, Fleming, 9 and 8 rebounds, Davis 9 and 7 assists, Jawara 7 and 12 rebounds, Panagiotou 3, Papamichael 14, Christou .

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