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Armani Milano succeeded a crucial road win in Moscow 88-90

Armani road win in Moscow

An amazing comeback in the fourth quarter for Coach Pianigani’s troops ws enough to finally succeeding the crucial road win which brings the Italians closer to the Top 8.

Armani was looking for a victory to keep on dreaming in the first trip of the year to Moscow, and Simone Pianigani’s players with an incredible last period stroked for the 88-90.

Armani won the fifth consecutive victory in the Euroleague with 5 players in double digits and an incredible 74% from the 2 pointers (31/42) and with Micov, Kuzminskas, Taczewski, James and Nunally scoring doubles helping their team to go all the way to the victory.

The amazing fourth quarter for the Italians in Moscow concluded with a solid 15-25 and Kuzminskas playing as a twin tower with Taczewski being able to dominate at both edges all the rebounds which was also the key to success.

The Periods were: 25-20, 54-45, 73-65 and 88-90

Khimky: Shved 23, Crocker 15, Markovic 2, Monia 8, Zubkov 2, Jenkins 15, Thomas 17, Mickey 6
Milano: James 16, Micov 15, Tarczewski 15, Nedovic 7, Kuzminskas 9, Kuzminskas 9, Nunnally 13, Brooks 4, Jerrells 11

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