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Basket League: Its Official Olympiacos has a -6 points!!

It became official!! Olympiacos is currently at the 7th spot with 29 points, six less than the original wins had. The scheduled game between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos OPAP didn’t happen because the Reds decided to forfeit the Basket League Regular Season Round 19 contest. A few days later, the League’s sport judge decided to award the game to the Greens on a 20-0 margin, reduce six points from Olympiacos’ total in the Greek League and also impose an 11,000 Euros fine to the Reds.

The sanctions were expected after Olympiacos committed to forfeiting the match and that’s why no reaction is expected. However, if a similar situation occurs again, David Blatt’s team will be relegated to the second division according to Basket League rules.

It’s worth noting that Olympiacos has already been punished with a six-point reduction for walking out of the Greek Cup semifinal versus Panathinaikos. The club has appealed against the first sanction.

The Table after 19 games
1. Panathinaikos 38 (19-0)2. ΑΕΚ 33 (14-5)3. Promitheas Patras 32 (13-6)4. Peristeri 32 (13-6)5. PAOK 31 (12-7)6. Ifestos 30 (11-8)7. Olympiacos 29 (17-2)*8. Holargos 27 (8-11)9. Aris 24 (6-13)10. Lavrio 24 (5-15)11. Panionios 24 (5-14)12. AS Kymis  23 (4-15)13. Kolossos 22 (3-16)14. Rethymno 22 (3-16
*Olympiacos has minus 6 points

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