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Basket League: Panathinaikos added his 16th victory, having as an MVP, Dinos Mitoglou (78-88)

Power Forward

The game which supposed to be played two months ago played on the 25th of February, 2019 in Venetokleion, the home court of the last seated Kolossos Rodou.

Panathinaikos travel in Rodos island without his top performers in the latest games, Nic Calathes, DeShawn Thomas and Ioannis Papapetrou, plus the two permanent injured Nikos Pappas and Mat Lojeski.

Kolossos Rodou under the new coaching management of Stergios Koufos was a tough team and was very close to the score for more than 32 minutes, after that Ric Pitino’s players took over and with solid defense and Antetokounmpo’s great defensive skills in actions (three block shots and 2 steals) Panathinaikos left from another court unharmed, continuing his unbeaten record to 16-0


Top performer was Dinos Mitoglou who ended the game with an awesome double-double figure game, after adding 16 points and 15 rebounds, together with his 5 assists. From a close distance with a quite productive game from Lucas Lekavicius (or Skywalker as per Pitino’s description) that added 18 points in one of his best productive games with Panathinaikos jersey, while Thanassis Antetokounmpo had 12 points (most of them with dunks) but also very good defense, especially in the 4th period of the game.

Another bad game by Kilpatrick who remain in the absolute zero, while Gist was also not very good…

The Periods:  29-24, 43-47, 61-66, 78-88.

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