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Basketball Champions League: Promitheas smashed Tenerife!

Tony Meyer

Langston Hall, and Rion Brown, two of the top performers of Promitheas Patras never enter the court while Lipoviy played injured!! Against all odds, the Patras troops of Coach Yiatras succeeded a +12 which is not bad for the game in Tenerife

Tony Meyier was astonishing in the first half especially when he took the leads and drove his team to a successful path. An amazing team work in the defensive part drove the players of Promitheas to let Spaniards surprising behind and couldn’t cope with the overall situation..

lMVPTony Meier the killer!In the first half and in less than 18 minutes, Tony scored 19 points, after that the Spaniards beat the hell out of him and simply stopped scoring, but Nikos Gikas was there to assist his team like a true captain and even though Tony ended the game with 22 points, he was still the MVP of the game and he drove the scorers but also he “open” the way for his team-mates. 

PERIODS: 21-15, 47-31, 57-45, 69-57 

Promitheas:: Κaselakis 3, Katsivelis 2, Lipovyi 10, Saloustros 6, Tsairelis 2, Ellis 10 and 10 rebounds, Gikas 14, Meyier 22  

IBEROSTAR TENERIFE: Abromaitis 9, Beiran 7, Aiverson 16, Stiger 2, White 10, Basas 4, Zile 2, Naing 4, San miguel 3 

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