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Celtics for Isaiah Thomas’ emotional tribute video — Would this be the start of a Celtics return?

Isaiah Thomas’ career has vacillated between the highest of highs and the lowest of lows more than any NBA player in recent memory. From last pick in the draft, to budding star in Sacramento, to top-five MVP candidate in Boston, back down again to an injured, betrayed former star, and now to a non-rotation player on his third team in a year, Thomas has seen it all.

Most of those highs came with the Boston Celtics, where he emerged as the 2017 season’s unsuspected superstar and clutch playoff performer. In Boston, IT became a fan favorite considering his 5’9 size and unwavering spirit to fight on, even after the sudden death of his sister.

That relationship fell after Thomas was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Kyrie Irving in the summer of 2017. This jump-started an IT vs. Celtics feud that persisted for more than a year. Thomas said in the months that followed that he might not talk to Celtics general manager Danny Ainge again, and he launched a Players Tribune series to talk about the heartache of getting dumped.

But two years after that deal, the sides have made amends. That was proven after IT got the tribute video from Boston that was put on hold last season.

it was clearly emotional while watching the video that appeared during the first timeout of the game. He soaked in the moment and held back tears.

 Have a look at the amazing video!!

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