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Christoforos Leivadiotis: The President never lose faith in me

After 6 years, Keravnos return to the Cup successes and the Cyprus Head Coach, Christoforos Leivadiotis never lose the chance to dedicate the cup to his president Mr. Paris Papaellinas.

The Head Coach stated the following:“The team had many years to win a Cup, against all odds, and leaving behind the two serious injuries, we did. I want to congratulate my American players but also my Cyprus players who played with passion and gave their everything for the game. I dedicate the Cup to our president and i can’t say that i had an easy time too, a period full of doubts and sadness, i want to clarify that the president never lose faith in me!!

In the video you can see and hear the Head Coach together with the captains of the team, Simon Michael and Ari Koronidi 

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