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Darral Willis: He can take (the cup) it home back to Wisconsin!

In just 48 hours, Darral Willis became famous in Cyprus and abroad!! The rookie American forward drove his team Keravnos Strovolou in winning the Cyprus Cup being the MVP of the final four

Keravnos was unlucky to lose the two of the three “big guys” so Darral played for all three of them!! In the Semi finals against Enosis Neon Paralimniou, the American forward ended the game with 20 points and 17 rebounds, with 2of3 free throws, 9of 14 two pointers and 0/1 three’s but he kept his best for the finals!! His 40 points! and another 17 rebounds were his final stats which not only helped his team to win the 10th cup in its history, but also made the Strovolos friends and fans, happy after quite many years.. It was back in the 00’s that Keravnos Strovolou had a “big guy” to “wash the dishes” with Jamie Arnold at his second season in the European courts arrived and became leader for Keravnos, that was back in 2001!! Its is well known that Arnold after Keravnos played in the ACB League and in the Euroleague, why not Willi too!!

Willis put his footprint in Keravnos and with this Cup he also put his seal!! He can easily take the Cup back home as he was the main reason of this triumph!!

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