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David Blat: Sometimes things are not as good or as bad as they look.

David Blatt

Things are getting more difficult than ever for Olympiacos after the five consecutive negative results in EuroLeague, falling to the 9th position and they fell five position in the table. David Blatt is claiming that there are more surprises to come. According to the American-Israeli Head Coach said that the best example is …Boston Celtics

“We need the victory. In the previous games we had the chance to lose some, now we don’t. We are facing a team that beat Real Madrid and CSKA Moscow, no matter if the record which currently has, is not the best feasible. They are shooting very good from the arc, but the most serious part is that there are many changes in their roster. They have done four additions. It’s not the team that we beat in the first round quite easy. These changes have been more than obvious for everybody in the League.They want to win and they have quality as a team”. Said the Coach and then he used the NBA example of Boston Celtics

“I prefer to look at the future and not the past. You can’t change the past. We have five consecutive losses. Celtics had 4-5 losses and they have been buried from everybody, after that they beat Warriors and Kings on the road and now everybody thinks that everything is good. Things are not always a good or as bad as they look. We need to move on with passion and focus on the target on a daily basis, and everyday to become better. He ended. 

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