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EuroCup: Uniks Kazan beat Lokomotiv Moscow in the Russian civil


Dimitris Priftis team, Uniks Kazan thrashed Lokomotiv Moscowwith 86-66 having as a top performer the American point guard Eric McColumn who scored 32 points!!, and is now at the 1-0 in the wins on a best of three series.

The home team of Uniks Kazan had some troubles at the first half as the Russians from Moscow where quite tough and with Johnson on the leading role, were able to cut the serious deficit to just three points by the end of the half time..

The second half though it was a game of one role as Eric “took his gun” and with 15/15 free throws!!, 4/6 two pointers, 3/4 three pointers, did the “perfect game, winning also 9 fouls from his opponents.

Pierria Henry was also very good and with his 18 points, 6 rebounds, 9 assists and 2 steals and just one turnover, he was the second best for Dimitris Priftis troops.

The Greek veteran power forward Kostas Kaimakoglou played for 16 minutes, he scored 2 points, and 7 rebounds.. While from Lokomotiv only Kullagin and Johnson were able to do something against Kazan but still not enough as their 17 and 16 points respectively was not so threatening for Uniks!!

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