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EuroLeague: One way ticket to Las Palmas if the Greens lose the game!!

Lanford - Panathinaikos

Panathinaikos is playing one of his last cards for the Euroleague’s Top 8 qualification. The Greens are currently in the 11th position of the table with a minus 2 from most their competitors and with just six games to go (three of them on the road).

Mathematically, Panathinaikos needs at least four winning games out of the remaining six, but practically there are another five teams to compete for the two last positions of the Top 8 which are doing also their math’s and Panathinaikos needs to be better than them, so the four is not enough, as the magic number is five starting as of today..

Possible loss tonight with a combination of another three results from the “competition” and Panathinaikos will be off the top 8 teams for sure… So the tonight’s game is a do or die for the Greens

Panathinaikos is having the worst season in Europe, even though in the Greek league is unbeaten for sixteen weeks now with an absolute record, in Euroleague and on the road, the Greens suffered already in the nine out of ten games played. The last victory was taken place last November (2.11.2018) against the weak team from Monte Negro (and rookie in the Euroleague) Buducnost. Other than that nothing at all and there is a average deficit of 13.5 points per defeat!!

Ric Pitino knows that very well and even though he traveled in Las Palmas without De Shawn Thomas (the most productive player the last couple of months and since the arrival of the American Head Coach, since he god sick and high temper couldn’t let him to travel to Spain..

On the other hand, Gran Canaria has also its own missing players as there are two players on the injury list, but there is an addition which could be crucial, as the American Jacob Wiley will be wearing the Spanish Jersey for a first time against Panathinaikos.

On other “news” the Anzejs Pasecniks and Luke Fischer have been unregistered from the competition, but Gran Canaria registered Cory Jefferson other than and Jacob Wiley, while on the injury list are remaining sidelined  the following:  Luke Nelson (ankle) and Eulius Baez (knee) while Albert Oliver and Nikola Radicevic (ankle) are questionable against Panathinaikos.

Panathinaikos guards Nikos Pappas (knee) and Matt Lojeski (biceps) are out indefinitely. Keith Langford returned to action. DeShaun Thomas will not be traveling to Gran Canaria due to sick leaf as mentioned before.

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