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Gran Canaria smashed Olympiacos and his play-offs hopes (90-67)

Olympiacos head coach David Blatt addressed the reasons that led to the “Reds” heavy defeat to Gran Canaria on the road (90-67).

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Here is what the experienced coach said in the post-game press conference:

“We are playing without our two main ball guards. You take the two main ball guards out of any team and I want to see what they do. And this is not the first time we’ve been in this situation. But you got to deal with that too sometimes and we got to find a way.

This is the wrong week to have a trip to Gran Canaria, a double-[round] week with a very tough trip. We just did not respond well to it. It is on us, no excuses. Obviously, there are any number of things we didn’t do well and what we have to do is very quickly move forward.”PERIODS: 19-16, 40-30, 69-46, 90-67

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