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Lavrio won the decisive game in Rodos and Kolossos is closer than ever in A2 (76-80)

Lavrio controlled the game from the early start and took some double digit deficit through out the game. Kolossos was reacting but had some scoring issues as other than Cupkovic and Pingston, were not able to assist their team in this do or die game..

Christos Serellis troops had more passion and depth in the roster, while the bench helped a lot while Cupkovic was many times fighting all alone.

Stergios Koufos, the Head Coach of Kolossos was “kicked off” the courts by the referees on the 32nd minute after a second technical foul, and watched his team losing the decisive game from above..

Doron Lamp scored 21 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists and even though he had 3 turnovers is winning the MVP title of the game, Dimitris Kaklamanakis with his 14 points and 7 rebounds and Milan Milosevic with 13 points and 8 rebounds were following and this trio was the top for the visitors.

PERIODS: 17-25, 36-47, 51-59, 76-80 

Kolossos: Cupkovic 23, Diggs 8 and 7 rebounds, Pingston 16, Lee 4, Debs 6  

Lavrio: Lountzis 7, Kaklamanakis 14 and 7 rebounds, Kouzeloglou 2, Lamb 21, Bewford 4, Charalampopoulos 2, Milocevic 13 and 8 rebounds, Nixon 11, Englsih 2, Wytee 3 

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