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Mikael Koch: The Federation needs to change a lot to upgrade the sport in Cyprus!!

The German Head Coach of AEL Limassol was really very “tough” but realistic with the Cyprus Basketball federation after the end of the game between his team and E.N. Paralimni, where his team beat easily..

The German Head Coach stated the following: “I really don’t want to talk about the game, but i want to talk for the Cyprus federation and the overall situation we are facing..I know that the women’s league has 8 teams and the 6 of them are currently playing for the play-offs. In Men’s league there are 8 teams and 4 of them playing in the play-offs. All these are totally against the Cyprus Basketball. The Cyprus Basketball federation needs to change it in order to upgrade the sport and go to the next level. Furthermore, i think that the fans card needs to be change!! Basketball is a sport which needs to have fans in the court. I feel as if we are practicing and not playing..That’s my personal opinion!! 

Have a look at the video with the German Coach statements!! 

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