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NBA: Lakers brutal loss to Grizzlies, creates troubles…

The Los Angeles Lakers sufferer another brutal loss on Monday night, even though Lebron succeeded another trible double figure, the Lakers lost to the hapless Memphis Grizzlies, 110-105.

It’s their second straight ugly loss on the road, as they lost to the Anthony Davis-less New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday.

But this loss to the Grizzlies is a killer. LeBron James, and his team-mates are currently at the 10th position in the West and can’t lose games to the second worst team in the conference if they want to make the playoffs.

LA is now two games under .500, with the surging Timberwolves, and three games out of the No. 8 seed with 22 games left. They have proven they can lose literally any given night, and they can’t afford to lose too many more and make the playoffs. 538 has 44 wins getting into the playoffs in the West — the Lakers need to go 15-7 the rest of the way to hit that. That seems ambitious … and 44 might not be enough.

It may seem that we focus an extraordinary amount of attention on the Lakers, but LeBron James going to a weakened but storied glamour franchise as a free agent for business and family reasons and missing the dang playoffs after eight straight NBA Finals and after his bestie tried to orchestrate an in-season theft of Anthony Davis is really something.

The Scores of the day

Warriors 121, Hornets 110
Blazers 123, Cavaliers 110
Pacers 109, Pistons 113
Spurs 85, Nets 101
Suns 124, Heat 121
Bucks 117, Bulls 106
Hawks 111, Rockets 119
Lakers 105, Grizzlies 110
Kings 105, Timberwolves 112
Sixers 111, Pelicans 110
Mavericks 112, Clippers 121

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