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OPAP Basket League: An official objection according to the rules of the Basketball Federation was made by Keravnos Strovolou

Ένσταση ο Κεραυνός!

An official Objection by Keravnos Strovolou against the result of the game against Omonoia Nicosia. Keravnos lost the game at the end which was the fifth home court defeat but, it seems that the proves (and the video with photos) of the Strovolos team for one of the most crucial scenes and calls by referees 40 seconds to the end, is justifying Keravnos objections!!.

We are expecting very soon some serious announcements and of course some penalties for the three referees who actually change their opinion and on the jumble gave the ball to Omonoia Nicosia even though the arrow was showing Keravnos Strovolou. A unique decision from the referees which will be penalized from the Cyprus Basketball Federation for sure and we will most probably have a repetition of the game!!!

Keravnos Management is clearly  stating that the referees call change the result of the game!

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