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OPAP Basket League: ETHA is provoking the referee Nikolaos Sοmos about Constantinou’s disqualification

ETHA Engomis is keep provoking the referee Somos especially on the specific phase of the game where the referee penalize Constantinou by disqualifying from the Cup’s game against E.N. Paralimni) unfairly according to the management of the Engomi’s team.

The technical foul and the elimination of the player from the game was totally unfair  and was not based on the rules of the sport.

ETHA through the Social Media of the team is uploading teh video where at the time of the technical foul there is nothing wrong made by Nicolas Contantiniou and unfairly the referee penalize him deducting an element from ETHA which in finally lost the game and knocked out of the Cyprus Cup.

We want Mr. Nikolaos Somos to officially come out and say on which ground he kicked off the court our player Nikolaos Constantinou, especially on the point of the game where our team turn-around a game which was in the minus 20!!!When the Commissioner was asked about the specific incident. he mentioned that the player, move towards the American player of the opponent, head to head on a very hostile situation.. PS 1 – We are anxiously waiting for the official excuse of the referee about his decision to disqualify our player.  PS 2 – The technical foul (unsportsmanlike foul) which was called followed absolutely nothing…

Have a look at the particular scenery!!!

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