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Panathinaikos save the date, after beating Gran Canaria with 80-99

Θανάσης Αντετοκούμπο - ΠΑΘΟΣ

Panathinaikos succeeded his second win on the road and is now looking the future with a bit more hopes to the possibility of reaching the magic 8th place of the regular season. 

Panathinaikos remains at the 11th position but has currently an 11-13 record the same with Maccabi Tel Aviv, and Buyer Munich while Basconia is following with a 12-12 (currently at the 8th spot)

About the game now, Panathinaikos dominated offensively closing an amazing game with 76.6% accuracy from the two points and 43% from the arc, some awesome statistics having in mind that the game was away. While his 99 points scored is a new record of the season for the Greens.

Speaking for records, Panathinaikos Coach who use 10 out of 12 players tonight with quite some solid time in action, saw the talented 21 years old seven footer Papagiannis scoring 7/8 shots from the paint and ending the game with 14 points and 5 rebounds in just 14.47” breaking his personal record in points in the Eurolegue courts, while Thanassis Antetokounmpo also scored 16 points with 8/9 in the paint, and with his 16 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals and 3 block shots plus awesome defense and passion like no-one else, was most definitely the MVP of the game, breaking also his own personal record of point sin Euroleague, this season.

Panathinaikos was better from the early beginning but took him like 32 minutes to finally put the tompstone to the Spaniards, as the Greens couldn’t really get some real and solid deficit since the Spaniards mainly with the duet of Rabaseda (new record of points in Eurolegue, as he scored 21!!) and the newcomer Jacob Wiley were scoring from allover and were cutting the deficit always to single digits. After the 32nd minute though this changed in total, the green defence became congrete and Antetokounmpo succeded in some awesome block shots, while Calathes and Langford scored 4 three pointers to end the game at least 3 minutes before the real end when the deficit reached the 21 points!!

The final result remain 80-99 as Panathinaikos in another one (of the many) fair games, never proceed to fulfill the last offense even if they were 20 seconds before the end….

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