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Vassilis Spanoulis will not play this season anymore!!

The injury of Vassilis Spanoulis, the veteran captain and leading figure of Olympiacos will probably lose the remaining of he season, as his injury was more serious as initially thought.

Olympiacos is coming across the most crucial scenario of the season as the remaining four games needs to be ending up with a positive result otherwise there are serious possibilities for the “reds” to get eliminate from the regular season

The red leader injured in the second period against Armani Milano for the 26th week of the Euroleague competition and is losing the rest of the season..

V-Span injured on his right angle but it was more serious than expected. The initial doctor’s call was not serious but at the end the call changed and it is expected to lose the rest of the season which is actually letting his team without his natural leader in the most crucial part of the season as there are serious doubt as on Olympiacos entering in the top 8 teams of the league
David Blat is losing the most experienced player and he has to give more time to Nigel William Goss, Briande Weber and Vangelis Mantzaris while Axel Tupan will need to change position as from small forward will need to go to the shooting guard position.. 

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