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World Cup: Hellas National Team – Possible opponents

he Hellenic NT belongs to the “powerfull” Group and will not be drawn with the teams that belong to the same group. those are USA, Spain, France, Serbia, Argentina, Lithuania, and China.

FIBA has issued the procedure for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Draw, presented by Wanda, which will take place on Saturday, March 16, at Shenzhen Bay Arena at 18:30 local time (GMT +8).

Thirty-two (32) teams have qualified to play in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019. They have been distributed into eight (8) pots of four (4) teams each, based on the NIKE FIBA World Ranking Men.

 As tournament hosts, China have the right to be placed in Pot 1. They are joined there by number 1 team in the world, USA, #2 Spain and #3 France.

The 28 remaining teams owe their places in pots 2 through to 8 to their position in the Ranking, with one exception.

A change has been made to avoid having two (2) teams from the Americas in the same group. As already four (4) of them – Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, USA and Venezuela – will be drawn in Groups A, C, E and G, Canada have been moved from Pot 5 to Pot 6, switching places with Iran, the best ranked team from that pot. 

Pot 1: China, USA, Spain, France

Pot 2: Serbia, Argentina, Lithuania, Hellas 

Pot 3: Russia, Australia, Brazil, Italy 

Pot 4: Puerto Rico, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Venezuela

Pot 5: Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Iran

Pot 6: Canada, Montenegro, Philippines, Korea

Pot 7: Nigeria, Senegal, New Zealand, Angola 

Pot 8: Japan, Jordan, Tunisia, Ivory Coast    

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