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Iezekiel Papadopoulos: We can’t win against 8!!

Ζάκης Παπαδόπουλος

The situation in Paralimni is tough, the management and the coaching team strongly believes that the game against ETHA was totally unfair, and the men in gray were decisive as on who would have been the final winner of the game even before it’s start. Such a crucial game for both teams and it was finally unfairly lost!

The veteran player of EN Paralini and captain of the team, Iezekiel (Zakis) Papadopoulos, a man who rarely speaks on camera, done it tonight and as he was furious with the referees, he stated the following on camera:

“The referees did their job!! We were playing tonight against 8 and not against 5 as the men in gray decided from the beginning as on who would have been the final winner.. The referees didn’t let us to win the game in our home court and is a pity as we were a much better team than ETHA in the particular game..”

Have a look at his exact words…

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