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Ric Pitino: We need to put the ball in the basket!!

Constantinople ealo

Panathinaikos is flying today for Turkey where another final will take place for Greens as they play against Darusafaka on Thursday  (7/3, 19:15) for the 25th week on Euroleague’s second round. 

Ric Pitino pinpoint the importance of the specific game and just before flying for Constantinople, the American Head Coach stated the following:

We need to put the ball in the paint and then we can chose if there is a free shot. Every time we need to put the ball in the paint! You can’t win only on three pointers, as this is not our strongest point..  Stated initially the American Head Coach, and he continue on Darusafaka “They play tough. Even when you are leading with a serious deficit, they can come back. The importance is that we start scoring around 85 points per game. In the previous game we didn’t play good basketball. Kilpatrick’s and Langford’s presence is very important! “.

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