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CSKA Moskow beat Fener but remain at the second spot (70-68)

CSKA Moscow and Fener fought like wild animals in the court of  Megasport Arena, with the Russians beating them and closing the gap to just one victory, but they never got the deficit they were looking for since Sloukas once more, was the man of the match after scoring the last basket and cut the deficit to its slightest, 70-68 giving the victory to the Russians but the first position in the regular season to the “Turks”.

Corey Higgins was the man of the match, as he scored 15 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist in the 25 minutes he was in the court. It wasn’t an awesome performance but he played exactly as his team needed him to do so..

PERIODS: 14-18, 36-35, 52-48, 70-68

CSKAMoscow: DeColo 5, Peters 8, Rodriguez 9, Clybern 16 and 8 rebounds, Higgins 15, Hucket 5, Kurbanov 4 and 8 rebounds, Hines 4, Hunter

FENER: Meli 8, Kalinic 17 and 7 rebounds, Sloukas 8, Guduric 4, Veseli 10, Dixon 15, Datome 6 

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