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Koponen kept Bayern Munich alive (73-71)

Bayern kept its mathematical hopes to qualify in the playoffs of EuroLeague, but the Germans do not plan to give it up until they will be “evaporated”. For the time being, the Germans are alive as Peteri Coponen scored the winning basket against Barcelona for the 28th week of the Euroleague., in a game where his team was behind with as many as 12 points 7 minutes to the end.

Peteri Coponen scored 14 points in the second half and was teh hero of the game, The guard from Finland, cross over all the court after Blazic free throws 6 seconds to the end, knock down his personal opponent and with the cross drible succeeded to score the winning shot from the 5.5 meters. Coponen had 3/4 two pointers, 2/3 3’s and 2/2 free throws, adding an assist, and 3 rebounds in 25.40 of action!!

PERIODS: 18-19, 32-36, 49-56, 73-71.

Bayern:: Coponen 14, Radosevic 4, Lucic 7, points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, Lo 2, Jentovic 1, Jovic 10, Barthel 9, Williams 11, Booker 9 

Barca: Pangos 3, Ribas 10, Singleton 12, Blazic 10, Erthel 13, Oriola 3, Claver 7, Tomic 13

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