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EuroLeague: Five finals for the Greens!!

Like in Las Palams against Gran Canaria, the same in Constantinople against Darusafaka, Panathinaikos did it, and succeeded in both road games, and still have some hopes to qualify in the top 8 teams of the Euroleague in the next five games to come..

The Greens have another five games where the two of them are outside and the other three in their court. The next game though is against the almighty CSKA Moscow, a game which can easily characterized as the David vs Goliath, and it is in Moscow!! If Ric Pitino’s troops succeed to “grab” the victory (a very difficult task) then there is a good chance for the Greens to proceed further. Coach Itoudis knows that very well and we are sure that he will not be so “friendly” in the specific game..

IF we look the program, Panathinaikos is playing the whole season in just 13 days!!! 13 is a number which is very important for Panathinaikos!!


CSKA Moscowout15 March 2019
Basconiain20 March 2019
Armani Milanoout22 March 2019
Real Madridin28 March 2019

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