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Panionios great road win!! (65-72)

Awesome road win for Panionios with an unbelievable fourth period and in general a great 13 minutes game at the end..

Panionios in this do or die game with Berry in an amazing night and Harris from a close distance succeeded something unique as the score 13 minutes to the end was -15 for their team but they came back and they finally did a key step to survive and remain in the division…

On the other hand, the hosts having in a great night Steve Burt (he ended the game with 34 points and 5 three pointers) saw a game of their own to finally getting lost and with this game they are officially in the “red zone as together with Kolossos Rodou are the two teams wich they suffered critical losses in the 19th week of the league.

Devion Berry was amazing!! The American scorer remain in the court for 39 minutes and 39 seconds and he scored 30 points, dashed down 7 rebounds, had 2 assists, and won 10 fouls.

PERIODS: 24-19, 43-35, 59-58, 65-72 

RETHYMNO: Bartt 34 (5), Hickey 5 (1), Jones 10, Johnson 5 (1), Christodoulou  7, Daniels 2

PANIONIOS: Papantoniou 5 (1), Berry 30 (2), Harris19 (3), Austin 8, Dorsey, Ντόρσεϊ 6, McKee 4

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