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Lavrio becomes the Greek Basketball Mecca

Even if they haven’t won a Greek Championship, Christos Serellis troops, Lavrio and its mysticism kept luring players to the all the other teams in Greece and in Europe. Athens and lately Patras was considered the Mecca of basketball and, like the song says… if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere…

“I guarantee you that all the young both Greek and American players want to play for Lavrio. Lavrio is a success story, not only because last year they astonished everybody by endung up at the second place in Basket League, but also because is a place where all rookies can be seen and proceed further to their careers.

Coach Serellus is doing an amazing job and all the players love playing for hism and the team. It is not a voincidence that at least 4-5 players this season were able to find much better contracts in bigger clubs in Greece and abroad but they remain in Lavrio, players like Tyson Carter, Kenny Goins, Vassilis Mouratos even Dimitris Kaklamanakis, Jerry Smith and Petrow Geromichalos, they all remain to he team and will give their best shot to continue theri incredible route..

The road is still very loooong!!

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