Skourtopoulos: We could have been in a much worst situation in regards to the drawn opponents

The National team of Hellas had a quite good draw for the World Cup as the “blues” are in the 6th group together with Brazil, MonteNegro, and New Zealand. Thanassis Skourtopoulos, was quite happy and at his very first reaction was the following:

“It was a positive draw, with all the rules and regulation which have been introduced we could have been drawn with much stronger teams and we could have had more crucial games in the fist phase. Our target is set whoever is and will be the opponent, to be ready and solid but also ready for any opponent from the very start of the tournament It will be great if we can also play good basketball and qualify to the next round so as to be even better and wit ha better rhythm on the rounds to come.. I strongly believe that we will be ready and that we will play the basket we can, we will get the first qualification and our National Team will proceed to the next round”

Doing a first analysis in regards to the opponents of the Hellenic NT, Thanassis Skourtopoulos stated: 

“In regards to our opponents, Brazil is a traditional power in the American Region. WE do not know their roster, but we expect an athletic team, playing fast mode and extra-ordinary basketball. MonteNegro is a well known NT for us, especially the last years, is a young and tough team, with great incentives.  Ne Zealand at the end may not have the roster of the previous seasons and especially the previous World Cup in terms of names but traditionally is a competitive team which can create many and serious problems in any opponent that will not be alert against them. I repeat, for us, our priority is to be healthy  and with full roster, and then we will be ready to play and compete against any team in the tournament”.

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