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Keravnos Strovolou succeeded a tough win over the fighting Apollon 86-75

Another basketball rhapsody for the (most probably) MVP of this seasons OPAP Basket League, with the American power forward Darnell Willies adding another double-double digit in his already magnificent bio in Cyprys, with the amazing 25 points, 16 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals, 2 block shots and 3 turnovers in 38.37” active minutes in the court!!

Keravnos faced some “issues” once more against the 6 players of Fotis Takianos with Apollon being a tough nut for the Strovolos team, and even though Keravnos was once more without Abukar and King, Apollon was once more with a rotation of six players and 7 minutes!!! 

Great game by the amazing Lithuanian and one of the top performers (at his post) in the league Dovydas Redikas, who ended the game with 24 points, 3 rebounds 5 assists, 2 steals and one block shot in 33.21” and without the slightest turnover!!!

The game was a derby from the early start with Keravnos taking the lead but having a short and “risky” deficit of 1-5 points. Apollon was very well in the court and with smart management, Fotis Takianos was “surviving” the fouls with his six men in the court!! Keravnos took the lead in the first period with 41-39

On the third period, though the decisive 29-16 gave an early end to the game, as Apollon players were too little to fight back and the Americans were too tired to be able to follow the rhythm of the bigger rotation of Coach Leivadiotis..

αThe 4th period was typical, as Keravnos cut speed and even though the speed was not enough the 16-20 of the 4th period’s result can show the tactic that the Strovolos team had.. Apollon lost with a very well established result

Top scorers:

Keravnos: Willis 25, Barker 5, Michael 8, Stylianou 14, Channels 13, Haggins 17, Koronides 3.

Apollon: Redykas 24, Harper 20, Pantouris 2, naylor 13 and 15 rebounds, Ogunyemi 12, Lewis 4,  

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